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As part of the world wide network of Chabad houses, Chabad of Montauk’s mission is to create a Jewish oasis within the oasis that is Montauk. Our aim is to provide a warm and welcoming environment for all Jews, regardless of background or affiliation. We offer a variety of educational and social programs to engage the community and promote Jewish values and traditions.



We’re the Baumgartens, to be specific, Rabbi Aizik & Musia. When we moved to East Hampton in 2013, we kept hearing the same thing: “When is Chabad going to come to Montauk?”


In the summer of 2017 we listened to those requests and thanks to the graciousness of our dear friend Haley, we hosted a pop-up Shabbat in Montauk. A couple of months later at Rosh Hashanah services in East Hampton, we were talking about the pop-up and Mia, a  friend, said: “You guys should be there all summer.  I’m going to help you find a place.”


And the rest, as they say, is history.


Chabad of Montauk formally opened for the summer of 2018 and we’ve been coming back every summer since.


Montauk is where people go to pause and slow down and rejuvenate from the hectic city life. Chabad of Montauk provides a space to access Judaism, recharge, and connect spiritually. Through community gatherings, Shabbat dinners, challah bakes and drop-offs, a chat with the rabbi, meeting Jewish local friends, High Holiday services, weddings, baby naming, bar mitzvahs, or a bowl of chicken soup, Chabad is a place to connect with each other and our heritage and include Judaism in the place that’s so special to us.


We feel privileged and honored to be the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s emissaries to this beautiful corner of the world, and we look forward to having you join us here.

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