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Montauk Goes West

Experience a Shabbat like no other at the center of the Chabad world in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

The Full Shabbat Experience

Join us for the complete Crown Heights Shabbat Experience, which will include:

  • Accomodations

  • Five star meals throughout the weekend

  • Shabbat with Musia's family

  • Services at Chabad's main synagogue & The Friendship Circle

  • Musical Havdalah with MENDEL

  • Tour of Chassidic Crown Heights (Sunday)

Challah Breads
Church Candles

Friday Night Lights

Experience services at the main Chabad synagogue and then join us for Shabbat dinner at Musia's childhood home with Musia's family.

Tour of Chassidic Crown Heights

Visit the sites of the chassidic community of Crown Heights including:

The Mikvah - The Lubavitcher Rebbe's Home - The Matzah Bakery - Kingston Avenue Shops & more

Enjoy a gourmet catered brunch!

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